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NCBTMB Review Book


About the Book


The Pearson's Massage Therapy Exam Review book is the ideal companion for any massage therapist or health care professional across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico preparing to take the NCETMB and NCETM MBLEX exams for massage and body work. This review book contains over 1,000 questions with answers along with the rationale for those answers organized according to the exam's five content areas to assess areas of strength.

This expanded and updated text fully prepares massage therapy students for the latest massage therapy certifying exams, including NCETMB, NCETM, and MBLEx. PEARSON'S MASSAGE THERAPY EXAM REVIEW, 5/e supports a wide spectrum of students and learning types by providing many ways to study, including simple outlines; intuitive charts, figures, and tables; many exam related questions with answers and rationales; and video and PowerPoint in a brand-new online study component. It fully reflects major recent changes in the NCTMB exam, and now includes more visuals, as well as more content on ethics, business, medical terminology, aromatherapy and pharmacology — giving students an even more complete and useful study resource.


Pearson's Massage Therapy Exam Review (5th Edition)
by Jane S. Garofano
Prentice Hall Health
Upper Saddle River,
New Jersey
(201) 236-7838
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$41.31; 360 pgs.; 2012


About the Author

Jane S. Garofano Ph.D. LMT NCTMB is a licensed nationally certified massage therapist.  She is the Owner/Director of the JSG School of Massage Therapy in Northvale, New Jersey. Where she is also instructs in anatomy and physiology and national board certification.

Author Jane S. Garofano has over 30 years experience and she spent more than two years researching and writing this comprehensive review. "I wanted to create a book that was the best on the market. The forth edition includes the new content on anatomy, physiology and massage therapy and practice, which is unique in its chart form presentation. The format of the book follows that national board and MBLEX exams exactly and prepares the student for the examination without fail," Garofano explains.



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