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Paw Pet Massage
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Paw Pet Massage

Let's take our petting of dogs to another level; massage. However, it is important to stress that pet or animal massage should not take the place of veterinary care, treatment, or diagnosis..

Animal or pet massage, like massage therapy for humans has proven to provide relaxation, stress reduction, rehabilitation and performance enhancement to name a few of the benefits of massage. On the other hand, massage is also an essential health care tool like feeding, grooming and exercising to maintain our pets' wellness and enhance quality of life.

With at least one out of three families owning a dog and/or cats, massage has become an alternative form of touch for therapy. This technique can be learned by anyone - no experience is necessary. Pet owners, pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers and trainers, shelter, kennels, veterinary technicians and massage therapists all can learn and apply animal massage for different reasons. The physical and behavioral outcomes can include and assist pain, separation anxiety, fear, abuse, grieving, arthritis, pre/post surgery, exercise substitute, performance, abandonment and Basic Wellness. So if you have a "pet" dog or are interested in learning pet massage for a professional or human reason the JSG School of Massage Therapy is offering two hour workshops to help you assist the physical and emotional well being of your dog.

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