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Massage training in 3 months

Get a New or Related Career With Massage Schools In Three Months

Are you looking to advance your career, make a serious career change or add massage to nursing, fitness training, esthetics, physical therapy and other health care professions? Did you know that you could become a massage therapist from an approved New Jersey private vocational massage school in three months?

It’s true; the JSG School of Massage Therapy, located in Northern New Jersey is a preeminent massage school with an intensive three month program. This three-month massage school program is the ideal way to take advantage of the quickly growing field of massage that can be a new career choice or advance a present healthcare profession.

Traditional healthcare systems throughout the world recognize that therapeutic massage can play an important role in treating illness or chronic ailments and contribute to a higher sense of well-being! With this recognition and research demonstrating the beneficial effects of massage, the demand for quality trained massage therapists is greater than ever. Massage is the number one service given at a spa.

If you are interested in obtaining your training from an approved massage school in three months, but you aren’t one hundred percent sure of making a career change or as an addition to a present career, these tips will help you make an educated decision:

  • Receive a massage yourself at JSG School of Massage Therapy to see the quality.

  • Consider the areas to work; at home, spa, Doctor’s office, gyms, cruise ship, nursing homes etc.

  • If possible, job shadow another massage therapist that you respect. This will give you a first hand view to help you determine if a massage career is for you.

  • Research the other massage schools in New Jersey, compare the curriculum and class size to JSG, and you will find JSG to be small and personal.

One you have done your research, we are sure that you will agree that the best way to get the training you need is to sign up for JSG’s massage school in 3 months. This intensive, comprehensive program gives students the quality education and clinical training they need to become professional massage therapists. The JSG massage school in three months program also gives students the knowledge and skills they need to complete their certification exams.

In addition to being a superior massage school, the owner and director of JSG, Dr. Jane Garofano has written four review books to help her student’s prepare for the National Certification Exam (NCE). The ‘new’ fourth edition is a comprehensive review with the subjects exactly parallel to the NCE content, plus it provides 1000 questions. Her book is done in chart form, illustrations and the questions, answers and rationale to provide you with everything you’ll need to pass the exam.

So why not join the exciting field of massage therapy and enroll in the JSG massage school in three months. With excellent instructors, a high quality facility and individual attention, JSG is the ideal place to start your new career. Call JSG School of Massage Therapy today to find out more about massage training in three months.

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